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Anything3D Presentation Applet
Anything3D Presentation Applet

Anything3D Presentation Applet

What you need if you already have beautiful 3D Models of your product? Of course to let your customers enjoy viewing them on your site! Anything 3D has got this key ingredient for you readymade.

A3D Presentation Applet is a crucial solution for your online business success, if you want enable your customers to interact with 3D models of your products, so that they can look around, zoom in and out, look up and down and repaint. This applet allows creating of picturesque interactive presentations of your products. Your clients will enjoy the vivid demonstration of the products shown on your web-site. You can also give possibility to download a 3D Image presentation for previewing it on your customer's local PC. This high performance field tested technology brings more flexibility than ever before to your site.

A3D Presentation Applet offers impressive list of features, many of which are not part of our competition's current products.

The possibility to preview 3D Images of your products is realized in 2 modes: 3D VIEW - Lets visitors pick up photographed objects and examine them from all around. 2D VIEW - Includes 2D image with the possibility to repaint the image on mask, to enlarge the image and to change its position, and also its preview in different zoom modes.

Demo A3D Presentation Applet 2.0
Download A3D Presentation Applet 2.0


  • Different skins.
  • Smart loading of images
  • Small size
  • Wide range instrument settings
  • Rotation object.
  • Setting speed.
  • Tunning mouse sensitivity.
  • Different number of images.
  • Possibility to insert product description.
  • Interactive image view.
  • Repaint by grayscale mask.
  • View with magnify.
  • Possibility to insert your magnify image.
  • Image zoom in/out.
  • Moving zoomed image.

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