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 3D Equipment - PanHead
 3D Equipment - PanHead

A3D100 PanHead

A3D100 PanHead A3D 100 PanHead is one of the most easy-to-use and handy VR panheads you can find on the market. A3D 100 together with any QuickTime® VR applications will bring you a complete solution for QuickTime® VR panoramas on your websites and CDs. A3D 100 will make your shoot easy and quick. Just mount your camera to A3D 100 and fix it to any standard tripod. Then turn the camera after each shot, and the panhead will find the right angle position for the next shot automatically. Repeat it until your panorama is finished and process them with any application or trust it to our processing center.

3d view
Dimensions: 255x232x92mm
Weight: 2 lbs
Number of shots:  8 for A3D 100 8x model

Mount your camera to the panhead vertically with one single move using the clamping knob or mount it horizontally if you wish. We made the upper part of the panhead removable to give you this alternative.

The bubble level allows you to rig up your camera aflat in 15 sec and get 100% horizontal panoramic view of your choice without any necessity to look for an ideally flat section of terrain to set your tripod.

The catch lever fixes the camera in the right position for your next shot while the pointer indicates the number of the current shot.

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