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Welcome to Anything3D Corporation, the world's leading provider of 3D Imaging, 3D Panorama stitching and Virtual Tour Solutions!

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3D Photo Builder - Pano Stitching
3D Photo Builder - Pano Stitching

3D Pano Stitcher is the integrated part of the 3D Photo Builder Software.

3D Pano Stitcher allows to create of full 360°Panoramas and Partial Panoramas (less than 360°) out of one row of separate shots without any efforts.

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Algorithms based on modern technologies allow to create of perfect quality 3D Panoramas. At the earliest stage of stitching engineering it was confirmed that our Blending technologies are leading. The quality of our 3D Panoramas corresponds to the strictest requirements of professional processing.
Stitching module represents an amazing combination of user-friendly interface and operational features for professional images processing.

Universal set of pano types. Program generates two types of panoramas as Spherical (equirectangular) and Cylindrical types. Also you can create 3D 360°/Partial Panorama out of pictures made up with the help of fisheye (one, two, three fisheye images). It automatically matches lens properties (Focal Length and Barrel Distortion). Installation-specific settings of Yaw, Pitch, Roll, HFOV, VFOV are manual.

Different types of results optimization. Ready panoramas can be saved in formats Flash, QTVR, AGIF, AVI and adjusted either for local preview or for WEB publishing.

Fully automated stitching process. Stitching process does not require any special knowledge to proceed it. All preferences for stitching can be set either automatically or manually, moreover you can preview all changes when using manual mode.

Batch Stitching. Availability to stitch several packages of pictures at once. If a series of source images for 360°/Partial 3D Panoramas and the parameters for their stitching are the same they can be placed in a folder and stitched automatically.

Original alignment algorithm. Program makes shots alignment interactively. This algorithm is not influenced by shots of poor quality or ones having distortions.

Automated hue saturation. Stitching can help to avoid time and energy consuming process of brightness/contrast setting for separate shots and automatically compensate parameters difference for all shots.

Progressive "image warping" technology. For solving problem of "Parallax Error" and for complete elements' combination on shots' borders the program uses progressive "image warping" technology, which directly changes images and combines conform elements. For transformations the program algorithms, which don't bring noise into the image and don't decrease its quality is used.

3D Photo Composer is the integrated part of the 3D Photo Builder Software.

3D Photo Composer allows creating of 3D photo image out of series of flat pictures of a rotating object. 3D image lets view the object from different sides. The 3D Photo Composer is an effective tool for processing of series of pictures based on the progressive algorithms and equipped with handful interface that requires only basic computer skills and minimal interference into the analysis process generates 3D image.

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