Panorama Sample 1

Panarama making is easy as it can be. You place your Digital camera on tripod with Panhead.

Panorama Sample1. Source Images.

And put all your single pictures in our A3DStitcher for automatical or manual processing.

Sample1. Panorama Image
Panorama Sample1. Panorama Image.

Resulting panorama can be easily exported to images of different formats wich can also be used in different applications.

Panorama Sample1. Java Applet.Panorama Sample1. Flash Movie.

Panorama Controls

Panoraming • < Drag > panorama image with the mouse to pan left, right, up or down
Zoom In • < + >, < A >, < Shift >
Zoom Out • < - >, < Z >, < Ctrl >
Autorotate • < Double Click > Java Applet to change direction of autorotation
• < Double Click > Flash Movie near right or left side of pano to change direction of autorotation
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