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A3D PanoAssistant
A3D PanoAssistant

A3D Panorama Assistant Online Manual :

Step 1.
You may start your work with A3D Pano Assistant by clicking "New Project" button

Step 2.
Next step you may choose the source image from the Folder Tree. When the image
is chosen you may push "Next" button.

Step 3.
In the 3rd step you may pay attention to the checkbox near the
"Generate HTML page" option.

If this box is checked some of the export formats are disabled.

When you uncheck the box you can use all of possible formats.

When the export format is chosen you may go to the left menu of panorama

When you choose the Projection between Spherical and Cylindrical you may
get the different up and down field of view. If you would like to select the Partial
Enclosing you may set the field of view in Degrees or Radians. This scale
must be set manually. This is an advanced option.
(For the example we have selected Spherical Full panorama with A3D
PanoViewer Applet Destination format with the HTML page.) When you have
adjusted all of the options you may click the "Next" button.

Step 4.
In the 4th step you may set the compression/quality scale for your needs.
To Preview Image you may double click it.

Also you may change the applet size this step. You may change it by Image
Scale (% to source)
or manually in pixels. By clicking "Next" button we go to the 5th step.

Step 5.
Be careful at the step 5. All the files will be overwritten without prompt. To
avoid the loss of the files be careful with the names of your exported files.

In this step you may change the place you would like the file to be published
to (It may be your computer, ftp or even the e-mail). Also you may change the
name of the file. You may find that you can export the file as zip archive - for
this you should check the box with this option. Also you can change the
browser in which the exported file will be shown and preview it.

By clicking the "Next" button you receive the ending product with all the
states you've chosen by the processing.

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