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Intellectual Blending!
Intellectual Blending!

Enjoy advantages of stitching process with our Intellectual Blending! Now you don't need to choose parameters for stitching and watch for the process of stitching - everything is absolutely automated.


Click here to download free Intellectual Blending Demo!

Please take a look at the advantages of our unique blending algorithm:

1) All the problems with artifacts, ghosting objects, moving objects are solved automatically!

When you take pictures for your panoramas sometimes it's very difficult to get rid of moving objects (moving cars, walking people, etc.). As a result you may get some ghosting artifacts on the stitched images? But our Intellectual Blending does remove them all! It looks like magic - just try the demo and you'll see the results!

Click on the stitched pictures to enlarge Click on the stitched pictures to enlarge

See how Intellectual Blending solves the problem of ghosting artifacts, moving objects and lens compensation errors:

  • moving objects at the source pictures:only one object is presented, other objects are removed;
  • errors in lens compensation: no blur, the result image is as sharp as the source;
  • stitching edge: is absent!;

When these two pictures are stitched by any of other stitching programs you can see a "ghosting" object and some blur due to errors in the lens compensation. You can notice that Intellectual Blending removes all the artifacts completely, the picture is as sharp as the source pictures, and the edge of stitching is absolutely seamless. Also take a look at uniform brightness and other quality characteristics of pictures!

2) Intellectual Blending is the only algorithm that eliminates a problem of parallax!

Now you can easily stitch panoramas made without a tripod! If you take your source pictures with the camera in your hands or your tripod has moved in the shooting process you'll have rather big problems at the stitching stage without Blending. Our algorithm does the best results in removing parallax that is hardly made even by the manual retouch in Photoshop!

Click on the stitched pictures to enlarge Click on the stitched pictures to enlarge

Picture with a strong artificial parallax. Shooting without a tripod from two different points.

3) You can easily stitch images even with non-corresponding edges.

Try to find edges of four pictures stitched on the example below? You can surely notice that Intellectual Blending allows to stitch pictures absolutely seamlessly!

Stitching of images with non-corresponding edges.

4) Incredible results of compensation of light intensity and brightness changing.

If you do even a small quantity of panoramas you must know about the problems with light intensity and brightness - they are changing because of clouds, angle of shooting and so on. In many cases it is impossible to fix the pictures just with color correction. The Intellectual Blending does it automatically and with incredible quality!

Click on the stitched pictures to enlarge Click on the stitched pictures to enlarge Click on the stitched pictures to enlarge

Enjoy the result received by our intellectual Blending:

  • Moving objects (people): all the ghosting objects are removed
  • Light intensity and brightness are changing because of clouds: shadow is gradually dissolved
  • Sharpness of the result picture: same as the source!

You can see how other programs do blending using different width of the transitional limit. All of them stitch in different ways but nevertheless they show strongly marked artifacts...

5) Creation of the seamless textures now is easy as 1-2-3

Now you can use ANY image to create texture width Intellectual Blending. Absolutly seamless! No blur! Perfect result!

This example illustrates how you can generate seamless textures.


Click here to download free Intellectual Blending Demo!

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