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Technical Support - Tutorials - Creating 3D Panorama
Technical Support - Tutorials - Creating 3D Panorama


Choosing the right position for the camera

The camera should be installed as close as possible to the center of the room. If that is impossible, one should try to avoid placing the camera close to any objects (such as walls, furniture, etc).

Top view:

The circles are the camera positions.

The camera has to be installed at the height equal to approximately half of the total height of the room (if the room has 8' ceilings, the camera should be positioned at 4').

(Side view)
Incorrect: Incorrect:

(Please make sure the camera is not tilted, even slightly. As for the tripod and the floor, use the level installed in the head of the tripod to make sure that the camera is level.)

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During the photo shoot

The quality setting on the camera should be set to "fine".

Make sure the camera is completely zoomed out.

If you are shooting 2D, "flat" pictures, please remove the lens. You do not need to use a tripod for 2D pictures.

Please keep your lenses and camera clean. For cleaning, please use a soft, dry felt cloth.

When shooting 3D images, the camera should be installed on the tripod vertically:

During the session, the camera should be absolutely still. The tripod head should always be turned clockwise at the same angle according to the notches on the head.

Top View:

For shooting "flat," 2D pictures, the camera should be positioned horizontally to achieve landscape format:

Another example for 2D pictures:


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General Recommendations

When shooting indoors, you need to turn on all the top lights that are in the center of the ceiling or close to it. But all table lights, standing lamps, etc. need to be turned OFF (or else, in the 3D image, one picture will be brighter than the one next to it, and the image will not look right). Close the blinds, shutters, or curtains, on windows with direct sunlight. All other windows should remain open. You may also leave windows open in cloudy weather.

Please check the pictures after you are done. The best result is achieved when all pictures have a similar brightness. Pictures that are too bright or too dark will need to be re-shot.

Happy shooting!

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